Research Program

We focus our research efforts on identifying and developing new and differentiated therapies for patients with chronic skin conditions.

Our experienced team identifies and develops pipeline candidates by targeting relevant advances in disease pathogenesis, both inside and outside of dermatology. We also partner with leading academic institutions that are actively engaged in advancing skin science.

We aim to bring innovation to medical dermatology by focusing on new tools, new molecules, and novel disease pathways. Hans Hofland, Vice President of Research and Nonclinical Development, discusses this exciting approach.

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Early Stage Drug Research

Once these targets are identified, Dermira begins discovery to find new chemical entities (NCEs) that can modulate these targets. Our discovery employs a two-pronged approach that utilizes:

  • Computer modeling and virtual screening of libraries of compounds
  • Identification and novel application of existing compounds discovered by collaborators

Semi-high Throughput Screening

Dermira has also developed proprietary human skin models that enable semi-high throughput screening. NCEs can be applied in media, to assess proof of mechanism, or applied topically to verify sufficient compound penetration and pharmacologic effect. This laboratory technology is also extremely useful for formulation optimization.

Utilization of these models provides invaluable insights into the mechanism of action and probability of future success of our programs.