Dermira is committed to improving the lives of patients living with chronic skin conditions and supports the events of organizations that share this commitment through corporate sponsorships. Eligible organizations should be patient-centered and engaged in advocacy or awareness efforts related to these chronic skin conditions.

Areas of Interest

  • To increase healthcare professional awareness and involvement for the treatment of patients living with chronic skin conditions, particularly in hyperhidrosis and eczema.


  • Completed Application must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event start date along with the required documentation
  • Organization requesting sponsorship must have an open membership policy, and information about the organization publicly available on request
  • Sponsorship must never be based on or linked to the prescribing, formulary, purchasing, or reimbursement policies of the requesting institution
  • Sponsorships cannot be made to individual HCP’s or group practices
  • Sponsorship must not be used to pay the costs of travel, lodging, entertainment or recreational activities, other personal expenses of attendees, or to compensate for time spent at the meeting by attendees

Required Materials

  • Submission of signed, completed Sponsorship Application (find the application below to download)
  • W-9 Form of the requesting organization
  • Letter of Request (Description of the sponsorship on the requesting organization’s letterhead which describes the initiative and includes the amount of support sought)
  • Event Agenda (Draft agenda sufficient if final not available)
  • Additional Event Materials (e.g. Prospectus, Faculty List, Event Brochures, etc.)

Form Downloads

Please download the application, fill out completely and return along with the above required materials via email apply.sponsorships@dermira.com or mail printouts to:
Sponsorships Coordinator
275 Middlefield Road, Suite 150
Menlo Park, CA 94025

If you are emailing, an electronic signature will be required.

Dermira Sponsorship Application (in fillable PDF and Word formats for download)


Please see our Privacy Policy regarding data submitted via application forms.

Compliance Commitment

Dermira, Inc. is committed to compliance with all applicable international, federal and state pharmaceutical industry laws, regulations, and industry guidelines. By submitting this sponsorship request, the requesting institution represents that it is committed to act in accordance with the above in the event Dermira, Inc. decides to fund the requested sponsorship. Also, by signing, I certify that the funding decision of this requested sponsorship will not affect and is not linked to the prescribing, formulary, purchasing, or reimbursement policies of the requesting organization.

To inquire directly about current areas of interest and for any other questions, please contact us at sponsorships@dermira.com